(2) Super Staff SuperVision

(2) Super Staff SuperVision
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Super Staff SuperVision

A How-To Handbook of Powerful Techniques to Lead Camp Staff to Be Their Best

If you want to learn how to supervise camp staff more effectively, or train others to do so, this is the book!

Written in the engaging, fun style that has made Michael Brandwein one of the nation’s leading speakers in camping, education and recreation, this unique, 204-page book is packed with specific techniques for directors, head counselors, and everyone who supervises camp staff. It teaches Michael’s acclaimed ‘6 Path System,’ six areas of specific responsibility that explain exactly what members of the leadership team can do every day to make the most positive contributions to the success of the program. Whether new or experienced, you can use this book to:

· motivate and support staff
· make camp program more creative and exciting
· increase communication and trust
· develop stronger staff teaching and leadership
· boost staff problem-solving and thinking skills
· handle undesired staff behavior in positive ways
· maintain high standards and professionalism
· keep camp safer, physically and emotionally
· ‘strifeguards’ for campers who aren't fitting in