Skill of the Day: What Great Leaders of Young People Do & Say

Skill of the Day: What Great Leaders of Young People Do and Say
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Do you train staff, volunteers, or others to work with young people? Written in Michael’s trademark “use-it-immediately,” fun and engaging style, this one-of-a-kind book is packed with what you need to provide world-class training.

  • The specific key skills we need to teach staff
  • Original, creative, detailed lesson plans with scripts that explain exactly how to teach each skill
  • Seize attention with “Grand Openings” that motivate
  • Laugh & Learn: unique, funny, fully scripted “Skill Skits” that review key points and can be presented by your staff
  • Reproducible materials to put right into your staff manual
  • Get returning and new staff up in front doing part of the training themselves, dramatically increasing learning

Rave reviews by highly experienced youth program experts:

“Fabulous!! Dynamic, creative, and easy to use in any program!”—Dr. Deborah Bialeschki, Director of Research, American Camp Association

“A masterpiece! Brilliant techniques, scripted for guaranteed success to create a dynamo staff!”—Nancy Richardson, Owner-Director, Bar-T Before & After School Programs, Pre-K, & Camp, MD

“Astounding! Creative, precise detail, amazingly flexible, and easily implemented. This will take training to a level it’s never been before. In a race of the best presenters I have seen in 30 years, no one else is even on the same lap as Michael.”—Dave Wright, Executive Director, Camp Tecumseh YMCA, IN

“Extraordinary! Hundreds of new, highly effective, creative, easy-to-implement ways to grow leaders on a daily basis.”—Dayna Hardin, Vice-President, American Camp Association, Owner-Director, Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps, MI

“A must-have book of practical, concrete, ready-to-use techniques to teach the skills that everyone working with young people needs to know and use.”—Jennifer Haggart, Coordinator, Early Childhood Consortium of the Omaha Area

“Incredible! Engaging, vibrant, new information that will truly help us to provide top-notch training!”—Sarah Horner Fish, Executive Director, Tom Sawyer Camps, CA